Phil Gough

Bespoke Holiday Planner

Telephone: 07838 220224

"Your holiday - your way."
Dream holidays don't just happen.
Every holiday should be extra special and memorable, but too often we settle for less than perfect.

People waste hours trawling the internet, or (worse still) use a travel company or agent, who will rarely have your best interests at heart.

But there is another way!!
Hi there, 
My name is Phil and I'm a bespoke holiday planner based in Brighton. 
Having worked in the travel industy for many years, I was often the person people would approach for advice on getting it right.
I've always enjoyed helping people plan their perfect holiday, and the challenge of creating something that would really excite them.
So whether it's a road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas, a honeymoon to steal your heart, or an epic family holiday touring Florida, get in touch to see how I can help make your dream holiday come true . 
I take great pride in my work and are confident you will never go back to booking any other way.
Don't just dream it - plan it.
Lets go ..





It's really important that I get to know YOU and your IDEAS
When I'm confident I understand what you're looking for, the real work gets underway.
I will research your ideas and come up with OPTIONS for you. I'll also negotiate with the various travel companies to get you the BEST possible deals and make your money go further.
This is YOUR holiday and it's all about YOU. You'll still be making the key decisons, but I'll be doing the donkey work.
Most importantly, I won't stop until you're completely HAPPY.
Dreams do come true 

And finally .. 

The finished product will be a holiday which is completely UNIQUE.
But that's not all ..
I want you to be really EXCITED about your holiday, and this is where your EXCLUSIVE personalised holiday pack comes in.
It's so much more than just an itinary. It will still have all the information you need to make your holiday effortless, but will also be impressive enough to show your friends and family and make them just a tiny bit envious. 
So what are you waiting for.
Maximum ENJOYMENT - minimal effort.
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